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Friday, April 01, 2005

Oh gee... what a surprise.

As soon as it was known Michael was requesting an autopsy after years of adamantly saying there would not be one, people began wondering why he'd change his mind suddenly. Whispers that maybe the ME was in Felos' pocket drifted around, and it was encouraged that the Schindler family recruit a ME of their own to observe the procedure. After all, why could he possibly object if all was innocent? Well... yeah. They tried. Shocker!!!! They got shot down.

Now what???

Excuse me?

Okay... I understand not letting the media have abuse allegations, especially if there's an ongoing investigation. But... Felos is saying the bone fractures are from osteoporosis from immobility? I am utterly baffled about this. The actual quotation is: "The repeated allegations of abuse were based partly on bone scans showing Terri Schiavo suffered fractures and statements she made to family and friends that she was unhappy in her marriage. Michael Schiavo has denied harming his wife and his lawyer said bone fractures resulted from osteoporosis caused by the woman's years of immobility and complications of her medication. "
Years of immobility.
Now, I'm honestly baffled that he's thinking to get away with this. The bone scans in question, I'd imagine, are the ones from 1991, one year after Terri's collapse. That's one year.

Bad Juju!

I'm getting really tired of people coming to sites obviously supporting the Schindler family to yell and scream about how Michael Schiavo is a loving caring husband who spent 15 years fighting to honor his wife's wishes. It's obvious that they haven't done their homework... (either that or they're just plain nuts themselves.) So, let me lay out all the facts, lies, and point you to the proper documents to show just why many people feel that Michael Schiavo ISN'T Mr. Nice Misunderstood Victim Guy.

Terri Schindler Schiavo collapsed in her home in February, 1990. What happened for sure, we don't know, because Michael Schiavo gave three differing accounts of what transpired.
For a year or two, all seemed well. Michael seemed to stand by Terri and took care of her, along with Terri's parents.
In 1992, Michael Schiavo won a sum of money is a malpractice trial. Here is his own plea during the trial:
Q. Why did you want to learn to be a nurse?]
MS. Because I enjoy it and I want to learn more how to take care of Terri.
Q. You're a young man. Your life is ahead of you. When you look up the road, what do you see for yourself?
MS. I see myself hopefully finishing school and taking care of my wife.
Q. Where do you want to take care of your wife?
MS. I want to bring her home.
Q. If you had the resources available to you, if you had the equipment and the people, would you do that?
MS. Yes, I would, in a heartbeat.
Q. How do you feel about being married to Terri now.
MS. I feel wonderful. She's my life and I wouldn't trade her for the world. I believe in my marriage vows.
Q. You believe in your wedding vows, what do you mean by that?
MS. I believe in the vows I took with my wife, through sickness, in health, for richer or poor. I married my wife because I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I'm going to do that.

The above took place in November of 1992. Mr. Schiavo received the settlement in January of 1993. The money went into an account to be specifically used for Terri's care, rehabilitation, etc. However, Mr. Schiavo did an about-face and all therapies, rehab, and medical care was halted on his orders. In June of 1993, he signed a "Do Not resuscitate" order on Terri's record, and then refused to treat her for a potentially life-threatening infection, admitting under oath that he knew the infection would kill her.
You can see the sworn affidavits from nurses who worked with Terri by clicking here, here, and here.
It's also interesting to note that during his emotional pleas to care for his wife, he was having an affair with one Cindi Shook. She and another woman, Trudy Capone, have sword that Michael Schiavo often talked about how he had no idea how to handle things regarding Terri, and how he had no idea what Terri would have wanted in such circumstances. View Ms. Shook's statement here, and Ms. Capone's statement here.
Now while I'm not real thrilled about Michael having affairs, especially at the time he was swearing up and down to uphold his wedding vows, I can actually understand needing the comfort of someone else. Do I agree? Heck no. I think it was a really crappy thing of him to do, especially since it wasn't very long after Terri had collapsed. However, my thinking he's a piece of trash is only opinion, and I'm trying to deal with facts. It IS fact that Michael and Ms. Shook looked into buying a home together, and that Michael put Terri's cats to sleep so Ms. Shook and her dog could move in.
Court battles came about from there, of course, with Terri's parents being very upset at Michael denying Terri any case (even simple dental care.) Then in 1997, Michael suddenly remembered that his wife wouldn't have wanted to be kept alive "artificially" based on a supposed casual statement. For some strange reason, Judge George Greer decided that an unconfirmed offhand comment suddenly remembered 7 years after Terri's collapse held more weight than a lifetime of devout Catholicism, and granted that Terri's feeding tube be removed. (Two months after Greer sided with Michael to kill Terri, Michael announced his engagement to Jodi Centonze (whom he has been involved with since I *think* 1995, but need to confirm this. Recently it appears he might have known her for longer than that, but again, this is yet unconfirmed.)
More court battles, bad blood, etc. Mike finally wins, and on March 31, 2005, Terri Schindler Schiavo passed away after being withheld water and food for almost 14 days.
I could get into the experts Michael ignored stating Terri was not in PVS, etc. But that's another topic. I'm explaining why people don't like Mike.
I'll have to edit this more later... I've been trying to write this up for three hours now, but my children are demanding attention so I'll just add two final events... Michael not allowing Terri's family to be with her when she died, and him not telling her parents where she will be buried.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Michael Schiavo does it again

Heartless. Here I was, trying to look at things from his point of view, thinking maybe he can be defended somewhere, that maybe he's the the monster he seems. Trying to give him SOME sort of benefit of the doubt. But he's crossed the line yet again. He isn't telling Terri's immediate family where he's going to bury her. How sick and twisted is that? I am disgusted, sickened, angered. Pray for the Schindler family. They need a lot of strength right now.

In Memory of Terri Schindler-Schiavo... Dec 3, 1963-March 31, 2005

It's been an emotional day, as Terri has left us and gone on to be with the Lord. We grieve, for she meant something to us. She touched our lives as she fought for her own. And our grief is nothing compared to that of her family-- her parents, Robert and Mary... her brother Bobby, her sister Suzanne, their extended families. Despite my personal feelings toward Michael Schiavo's actions, I imagine he has his own turmoil as well. I pray that God grants the family comfort, strength, and grace in this time.
I heard about Terri's fight some time ago, and didn't really think much of it until fairly recently. I saw the videos of her interacting with her parents, heard her laugh. I saw past photos of her, saw a very pretty young lady with sparkling brown eyes. As I read more about her, the background, the disputes, I got involved emotionally, very quickly. Her fight made me aware of politics, abuse of power, bioethics. But through all that, it was Terri who stayed with me. Every report of her plight, every video I saw, everything I read... I didn't know Terri, but my heart did. I feel like we've failed her, that she never had a chance to speak. It's not fair. Throughout her two week starvation and dehydration, I kept praying, expecting the worst, but my heart leaping with jubulation every day she hung on and stayed with us. Every day there was hope. Every day she fought. I feel she gave us every chance to save her. And when every avenue was exhausted (with the possible exception of the public storming the Hospice... which was considered! or the National Guard being enlisted), she moved on to be with the Lord. How joyous for her! She's with God. And while we grieve while we miss her, we can share the joy in the knowledge that she is with the Lord. She put up a termendous fight, and by doing so, has made the world aware of the dangers we face. She didn't intend to-- from what I have read, she was shy and liked to avoid the spotlight. But she touched many. We pray for her, and we pray for her family.

Statement of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation

March 31, 2005
Statement of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation
Clearwater, FL – It is with heavy hearts that the volunteers of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation acknowledge the passing of Terri on this day at approximately 9.00am ET.

Terri has demonstrated to us a tremendous will to live by enduring more than 13 days of deprivation.

So many people from every walk of life have expressed their love and support to Terri and her family throughout this struggle and we thank them for their kindness. Messages of condolences and prayers have begun coming in from all parts of the world and we are touched and comforted by the kind words of so many people.

It was reported to us that Terri’s family was not permitted to be at her bedside when she passed and it is our hope that they will be comforted in this very difficult hour by your kindness.

Terri Schinder dies

Terri Schinder Schiavo has passed away.
Michael Schiavo successfully and lawfully murdered his wife, with the full support of our government. The government that's supposed to protect our people.
May Terri find peace in the arms of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Listen to Terri!

Check out Terri responding to her fathers yes or no questions. This is courtesy of Jackson's Junction, and was aired on Fox News.
She's responding. Yes, it's true.
And they're killing her. They don't think her life is worthwhile.

CNN poll I saw today. 77% of people support assisted suicide.
Life means nothing.

Oh what a tangled web...

Please check out the chart that Title of Liberty has made pertaining to the Terri Schiavo case. You'll see how all the players are connected. You can also view a cast of characters thanks to the efforts of Myopic Zeal.

These two wonderful resources will enable people to see just how connected certain people are to one another and how a lot of back-scratching may have happened among them.

In other news, courts have again refused to hear new evidence in Terri's battle. I know, what a shocker. Terri is on day 13 without nutrition or hydration. If that's not a will to live, I don't know what one is. God bless you, Terri.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Killing babies is become more humane (SARCASM)

So now we're going to give babies pain-killers before we murder them. Greeeeaaaaat.

Schindlers denied again.

God save us. As someone said on blogsforterri... "You all better hope and pray that you and your loves ones have the genetic appeal to be considered worthy in the future."

I'm so sorry, Terri.

Terri's CT scan- a challenge

Essentially, Code Blue Blog is challenging everyone who's said Terri is in PVS based upon her Ct scan. I love it, I think it's awesome, and I hope that it'll show just how misleading this whole case has been, and how Terri simply has been cheated out of a fair chance all these years. Where there's life, there's hope.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Are you a person?

I was just made aware of an excellent article written by Wesley J. Smith. It came about during his debate with Florida bioethicist Bill Allen in regards to Terri Schiavo. Naive as I am, I didn't realize how little life means to some people.

Please read the article.

In a nutshell, people like Terri, people with Alzheimer's disease, babies, etc aren't persons, and thus it is fine to kill them because “Non-persons or potential persons cannot be wronged” by being killed “because death does not deprive them of something they can value. If they cannot wish to live, they cannot have that wish frustrated by being killed.”

There's more, much more... check it out.

An explanation

As Terri Schiavo nears the end of her life, I sit here in sadness and remorse. This is more than a pro-life issue. Outwardly I think it's wonderful people are coming together in support of life, especially when so many dark motives appear possible. It's personal, too-- in that it makes us all reflect upon our lifes and those of our loved ones. What would WE do if WE were in this situation? If we were Terri, would we want to live or die? If we were Michael, how would we feel? I admit, the circle I've run with lately is very anti-Michael. For different reasons, perhaps. Many firmly believe Michael is an abusive murderer, and every new announcement from either side re-establishes this in their own minds. What if we're wrong? Point blank, I believe at the very least that Michael is an asshole. I say this because of the documented facts of his swearing undying love and care forever to Terri and then after receiving a hefty settlement, immediately ceasing all care and medical testing.... for waiting years to claim Terri wouldn't want to be kept alive artificially... for his gloating of having the upper hand over Terri's parents. I also think his morals suck. My dislike of Michael Schiavo does not make him an abusive murderer, however. I wonder at the evidence. I wonder about the sworn statements of those who have cared for Terri Schiavo regarding Michael's behavior and orders of no treatment and therapy. I wonder why he seemed to give up on Terri so soon after pledging his life to her care. I wonder why he wanted her initial medical records, showing mysterious injury, sealed. I don't understand the man or his motives. Most of the time I can remain angry at him. But... but... what if I'm wrong? What if, initially, he was devestated? His case brings me to reflect what I'd do if my beloved spouse were to sustain such an incident that rendered him so incapacitated. I wonder how it must feel. How hard it would be. Of course it would depend on what my spouse wanted. I'm grateful that the law is SUPPOSED to err on the side of life. I don't know that it went that way in Terri's case. I've read conflicting documents in regard to how Michael came up with what Terri would have wanted. I do feel that hearsay shouldn't be admissible in the case, and it was in Terri's case. Anyway as I was saying, I'm grateful the law is SUPPOSED to err on the side of life. In my own opinion, it's better to have people there who care enough about you to keep you with them than to kill you. I can see how people would want to end a loved one's life if there were NO HOPE of survival at all. However, Terri Schiavo's case wasn't like that. Terri was healthy. Terri was brain-damaged but who are we to say that life had no value? As it was never proven that she was PVS (I'm sorry... but the court ignored numerous experts who testified against the court's opinion. These accounts should have been taken into account.) who knows what Terri was destined to do. By playing God, we've cut her off. That is wrong in my opinion. Terri's life meant something. It always will. It angers me to see people writing columns accusing Terri's supporters of not giving a damn about her or her parents but only about their own political agenda. Poor them, to be so short-sighted and uncaring. There's more I want to add, and I will later today. Now I need to reflect more.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Quick Background- a horrible injustice

(From Crystal Clear):
I got this from Cheryl Ford, RN, at Terri', early last year.
Statement By Michael Schiavo - from Tampa Bay Online Last Wednesday, my wife's feeding tube was removed. For over 6 years, I have struggled with the Schindlers in court. On Wednesday, I joined them in grief. I understand what the Schindlers are going through at this time. I feel the same loss.
For years after this happened to Terri, I tried desperately to find a cure for her. I went from one doctor to another. Almost all of them told me there was no possibility she would recover.
FACT - 05/20/1990 ---DR. NEWHART-- The brain cells that control body function were not as seriously affected as initially diagnosed Consequently, it is anticipated that Terri should regain full use of her body.FACT - 06/27/1990 ---- DR. BARAS-- had been seen by me at College Harbor and started to make improvement. Started to show some vocalization where she will say "no" and occasionally has some voluntary movement on command of eyes and mouth as reported by husband and mother.FACT - 06-28-1990 --- DR. THACKER Moaning type vocalizations initially; no sign of excess secretions requiring frequent suctioning; intermittently swallows, probably swallows her saliva without any trouble.FACT -- 07-10-1990 ---- DR. BARAS --Purposeful movement in right upper extremity as seen by P.T. O.T. and me Flexing right elbow not as a reflex, but voluntarily.FACT-- 08/25/1990 DISCHARGE SUMMARY FROM BAYFRONT MEDICAL. Patient did show some improvement in range of motion.FACT -- 01/01/1991 PHYSICAL THERAPY EVAL---Turns head from noxious stimuli.FACT -- 01/29/1991---- DR. ALCAZARAN --Meadowbrok California. Noted increased alertness, turns head toward voice, turns head from tactile stimulation. sucking, and rooting response to olfactory stimulation. spontaneously vocalied. Good cough. Some visual tracking. FACT- - 02-1/1991 ---Physical Therapy Notes -- Alert throughout treatment session, responds to pain, moaning, turns head from noxious stimuli.FACT-- 02/15/1991 --- PSYCHOLOGY NOTES WRITTEN BY PATTI SHOOK ---Terri's eye opening responses were her strongest. Terri's tactile responses were her best, with other four modalities only 1 to 2 points behind. This level of functioning is appropriate for a sensory stimulation program.FACT-- 02/1/1992--THERAPEUTIC NOTES BY SHERRI LAGE --Patient appeared to focus on several pictures of family for 10 seconds, appeared to slightly track to left each session, but inconsistent Quick startle response to all auditory stimuli, occasionally moves head from tactile stimuli.FACT -- 02/20/1991-- PHYSICAL THERAPY NOTES -- Patient has made significant gains since admission in all areas of range of motion.FACT -- 03/19/1991--- SPEECH LANGUAGE NOTES -- Occasionally responds to request to verbalize, swallow and move arms.FACT -- 06/17/1991 --- TREATMENT PLAN REVIEW -- Vocalizing when prone in PT., occasionally will say "stop" to nurse doing procedures.
Any doctor that gave me a glimmer of hope that some new treatment or therapy would work was given free reign with Terri. I would do anything to make her well.
FACT-- 3/26/1991 ---Nurses Notes--- Terri's side rail on her bed found down after Michael left. When told about it, he replied that "that was their job.FACT -- 1993 CAROLYN JOHNSON-- No therapy per husbands orders. Dr's orders over ridden. Patient kept in isolation, no stimulation.FACT-- APRIL 1995-JULY 1996 -- CARLA SAUER AFFIDAVIT MICHAEL ORDERS NO REHAB; NO RANGE OF MOTION;NO NOTHING. PATIENT ALERT AND ORIENTED, SPOKE REGULARLY "MOMMA, "MOMMY' "HELP ME"
I took Terri to California. I stayed with her while doctors performed an experimental procedure to implant electrodes in her brain to stimulate its function. I spent months working with her - hopeful of a cure. Months later, the doctors told me the electrodes were not working.
I took Terri to Mediplex, in Bradenton, Florida, which is a residential rehabilitation facility that specializes in brain injuries. She spent months there in intensive physical, speech, and occupational therapy and testing.
Finally, the doctors and therapist told me and the Schindlers they could do nothing more for her. I hired a private duty aide 8 hours a day to take Terri on outings to parks and museums trying to stimulate her - looking for any sign of life, any flicker of hope. There was none - ever.
FACT 03/15/1991 Therapeutic notes Laura Mizell -- Patient has displayed an increase in eye opening since last 30 day summary, Patient responses to auditory stimulation are at the point that they are almost auditorily defensive. During recent outings, rugby games kept eyes closed to and from game...beach visit she was more aroused.
FACT 03/11/1991 Summary of all departments--- 2 point increases in vocalization and eye opening, motor responses. Tactile increased 3 points. Overall her general responsiveness score increased slightly from 19 to 23.
Over the years, I had three swallowing tests performed on Terri in the hope that some of the therapies would allow her to be weaned off the feeding tube. The test all showed no change, and I was advised she could not swallow food. Even now, the nursing home staff says that sometimes Terri gags and chokes on the moisture from the swabs they use to moisten her lips.
FACT--March to mid summer 1997 -- Heidi Law Affidavit -- Patient did not like the taste of the teeth cleaning swabs or mouthwash. Did like the smell and feel of her lotion. Liked to have her hair combed. Did not like being tucked in. She would suck on ice chips and swallow ice water, orange juice or apple juice in her washcloth to give her something nice to taste, which made her happy. On three or four occasions, I personally fed Terri small amounts of Jello which she was able to swallow and enjoyed immensely.
Michael Schiavo states....."The reports you heard from nursing home aides that Terri was responsive years ago are not true. I would give anything if they were."
1992 Aug - Terri awarded $250,000 in malpractice settlement.Nov - Terri awarded $1.4 million in malpractice trial.Nov - Michael Schiavo awarded $600,000 in malpractice trial.
1993Feb - Michael Schiavo denies Terri recommended rehabilitation treatment.

Life is Precious... An Introduction

Hi, I'm Foug and this blog is for the purpose of advocating life. What got me started? Terri Schindler-Schiavo's terrible ordeal. I feel that the law has failed Terri and we're in a position to have it fail numerous other people. Sadly I never realized how much the system can fail until now. I regret I haven't seen it, and I haven't done anything about it. It's too late for Terri, but thank God, her story will be heard and a pro-life movement will sweep through. Lots of bloggers are joining this revolution and I can't wait to see it take off.

I have been pro-life for years, but really only thought about it in terms of abortion. I think it's murder ti kill the unborn, plain and simple. Now, the way has been paved for euthanasia. Something must be done.